6. Results

150. From this, we can see that not all the people who answered our survey know how the way the water is treated in Singapore. This means that there are still be people out there who do not know how water is treated in Singapore. This is bad as people will not know if the water they are drinking is clean or dirty.

2 People said they do not know the 4 national taps. This means that they do not know where the water in Singapore comes from. Thus, through our research studies, we will educate them on the 4 national taps to let them understand where we get our water from in Singapore.

3) Base on these findings, most people think that there is an even distribution of water in Singapore while a minority do not think so. We guessed that the main reason why people think that there is an even distribution of water is because they hear about it from their friends and get influenced by them.

With our survey findings, we can say that some of the people do not know how clean water is collected in Singapore. So, without the knowledge, they will just think that they have sufficient water and will not make an effort to save water.

From this data, we can tell that most of the people are trying to save water, with a minority of people actually saving water. This shows that very few people do not really know how to save water. With our studies, we can provide them with the knowledge of how to save water.

As 85% of the people say that the water coming out from our taps is clean, we can say that the people trusts the way Singapore cleans its water. More people are confident on the cleanness of the water that comes out of the taps.

We can safely say that a majority ( 96% ) of people who we answered the survey knows that saving water is very important.


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