5. Discussion

7/1/14 Meeting 1: Today we chose a topic for our group. this is an important decision as it will be what we will do for our IRS. After much consideration, we decided to do the topic on clean water. We decided on this topic as some of us already know a bit on clean water and have a head start.

14/1/14 Meeting 2: This meeting, we narrowed down on the topic we were doing as clean water is too vague. Pasan also did some touching up to the blog to make it look better. As a group we also generated a few questions about the topic.

21/1/14 Meeting 3: During this meeting, we finalised the topic we were going to do, after much discussion. Again, we generated more questions for the topic, while Pasan finished beautifying the blog.

28/1/14 Meeting 4: At this meeting, we one again generated more questions, while the others refined these questions. After that, the whole group started finding resources based on the topic. Each of us then created individual popplets and filled in it with the different information about the topic of clean water.

5/2/14 Meeting 5: During this meeting, we shared and reviewed our individual popplets. We then continued finding resources. After finding the resources, we started our literature review, while Pasan made more touchups to the blog.

10/2/14 Meeting 6: This week, we continued on the research proposal and the literature review, and uploaded all the sources and explained all of them. We also updated our proposal. We managed to complete quite a lot despite Pasan being absent.

11/2/14 Meeting 7: This meeting, Pasan was back and we resumed doing the literature review, and updated the proposal. We also shared the proposal and updated our blog.

18/2/14 Meeting 8: Today, Henry was absent for school but he did his part of the project at home. We started off by continuing the literature review,  updated our group proposal and started on our survey.

25/2/14 Meeting 9: This meeting, we checked our survey and sent it out, finished question 3 and question 8 of our proposal and started planning on our oral presentation.

11/3/14 Meeting 10: During this meeting, we worked on our IRS presentation based on Mrs Tan's comments and checked our responses on the survey we sent out.

25/3/14 Meeting 11: This meeting, we worked together to finish the presentation and added pictures to it to make it more aesthetically appeasing.

31/3/14 Meeting 12: This week, Mrs Tan commented on our presentation and named a few ways to improve it. Based on her feedback, we changed and added things to the presentation.

4/4/14 Meeting 13: Today, we worked on the presentation and almost managed to finish it made a script for the presentation.

6/4/14 Meeting 14: During this meeting, we continued on what we did not finish last week was making the script and finalising the presentation. We managed to finish the presentation but decided to go home and complete it.

8/4/14 Meeting 15: At this meeting, we finished up the blog.


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