7. Conclusion

We should all learn to save water as in the future the demand for water will increase drastically as the population will increase. In order to have enough water for all of us, we should try to conserve the precious resource.
We can also educate the public by campaigning or putting up posters on how to save water . 
Campaigning  will increase the awareness of how much of a important resource water is. 
A high percentage of people in Singapore know how water is treated  and collected in Singapore. They also understand the importance of saving water but few are actually saving water, and a majority of people are trying to save water.
Also, Singapore should have a great relationship with Malaysia so that the water treaty will not expire so soon. That being said, we should not always rely on other countries for water. 
Thus, we should have an increase in our other 3 national taps such that we can be self-sufficient. 
We would need more NEWater plant so that we could cope with the increasing water demands in the future. 
We can not reply on Desalination that much as it is costly and harmful to the environment

We would also need more reservoirs too.


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