1. Introduction

Hey! We are the Aquatic Angels from S205 IRS Group A.
We consist of
  1. Henry Lee  (Leader)
  2. Marcus Choy (PR manager)
  3. Marc Neo (Secretary) 
  4. Pasan (Blog manager) 

Our wonderful chosen topic is Clean water. It is all about Clean water and you!

A even more specific topic would be the Water Supply and Sanitation in Singapore

A brief summary of Clean water affecting people:
You enters your house sweating profusely and thus you will either get a cup of cold water or take a cool long shower. When you enter the toilet to take a cool long shower, you turn the tap on and you will expect Clean and Cold water to flow out and refresh you. But then, nothing but a few drips came out. This, my friends, is what is happening to other part of the world where they don't have enough clean water. 


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